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Thank you for choosing ValStor. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions


No, general packing supplies are not available. However, the following items are available for purchase:


Cardboard File Box (15 x 16 x 10): $3.00 + tax
Medium Tote (26 x 17 x 12 - 12 gallons): $8.50 + tax
Large Tote (30 x 20 x 14 - 17 gallons): $10.00 + tax
XL Tote (30 x20 x 14 - 27 gallons): $16.00 + tax


1 1/2" shackle: $10.00 +tax
2" shackle: $14.00 + tax

No. ValStor’s bar code inventory system allows us to track the number of items you have stored and their exact location inside the warehouse.

We ask you to be responsible for identifying your stored items and maintaining your own inventory of their contents.

Yes. Please call us to determine rates and service options.

Yes, we ask that you please keep your small boxes to a maximum of 45lbs, and larger boxes to a maximum of 75lbs.

Yes. ValStor prohibits the storage of perishable items, live or dead animals, liquids, jewelry, dangerous or illegal substances, explosives, ammunitions, etc. Please refer to item 6.2 of your signed ValStor Self Storage User Agreement regarding the acknowledgment of the Chicago Municipal Code 15-28-755 and its pertinent sections. Please also see Legal Terms and Conditions stated on the ValStor website.

For your personal safety and the added security of your stored items, we do not allow 24/7 access to the storage warehouse. Please anticipate your needs and plan according to our business hours as stated on this website.

All major holidays.


No. Pick up and Delivery is currently available ONLY for valet service.

Initial Delivery of up to 10 Empty Boxes or Totes: Free (additional items billed at $2 each)

Initial Pickup: Free up to 10 items (additional items billed at $2 each)

Standard Return Delivery (Requires 24 Hour advanced notice): $25.00 (minimum charge)

Expedited (same day) Return or Delivery: $50.00 minimum

  • Requests received by 12:00pm will be delivered by 5:00pm.

Last Minute Pickup/Delivery: Call us for pricing and service options

Please note: pick-up and delivery to Loop locations, may be billed at a higher rate. 

Please contact us for more details

We will inform you of our expected time of pickup or delivery plus or minus one hour. While our delivery truck is equipped with GPS and we do our best to efficiently schedule our daily routes please bear in mind that unexpected delays can occur due to high traffic volume, road construction, severe weather.

No. We respectfully request that you prepare all of your storage items before scheduling pickup.

Please contact us within 4 hours of your appointment by phone or by email in order to avoid a $25.00 cancellation fee.

Yes, but you will still be billed for an entire month.

While ValStor’s warehouse facility is insured we DO NOT personally insure your items. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you check your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to see whether or not it includes off-site storage.


3900 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL

Business Hours

7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Monday to Friday

Weekends by appointment.